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Choosing Your Wedding Jewellery

Choosing wedding jewellery

When choosing your wedding jewellery it helps to consider the following points:

Wedding Dress Neckline

Consider the neckline of your dress. Strapless dresses usually suit a rounder shaped wedding necklace whereas a dress with a V-shape looks good with pearl pendants and wedding necklaces that include a drop.


Does your wedding dress include any beaded detailing? Try to match the detail of your wedding jewellery to any detailing included on your dress. For example if your dress has crystal beading it is best to try and include this in your wedding jewellery.

It is also worth thinking about the types of hair decorations you will be wearing, these should ideally match your wedding jewellery as well.

Colour matching

If you are not sure which beads will match best, ask for a sample from yourwedding jewellery supplier. That way you can be sure you've got the correct match.

Overall look

If you want to keep your look simple you may decide to just wear one piece of wedding jewellery, as well as the ring you'll getting at the alter! In this case consider how much the piece will show up and if it balances with any hair decorations etc.